Body Worn Cameras

The Cape May County Sheriff's Office uniformed officers utilize body worn cameras in both the Law Enforcement Division and Correctional Division. Officers can be seen with the cameras anywhere in public, in the Superior Courthouse and in the Correctional Center. Officers use the Body Cameras to document evidence and witness/suspect statements, warrant services and to aid in the investigation of citizen complaints or anytime there is the potential for law enforcement action. The cameras have become a useful tool to help strengthen public trust.

The body worn camera pictured above is the type we use and what you will see on any uniformed officer equipped with one. The camera is worn on the outermost garment and will be visible on the shoulder. The controller is worn on the belt usually in the front. When the camera is recording, a small blinking red light will be visible on the controller. The unit will also emit a tone every two minutes to let the officer know that it is recording.  

This page is in compliance with Attorney General Directive Number 2015-1 State of New Jersey, Body Worn Camera (BWC) Assistance Program Application, July 2015 and the Cape May County Association of Chiefs of Police SOP #77.

Revised: 10/20/2016