Court Security Unit

This Unit is responsible for the overall security of the Superior Court House, Court House property and general area. All persons entering the Court House are subject to search and property is screened for weapons and contraband. Any item that is rejected from entering the Court House must be returned to your vehicle as we do not hold personal property. Illegal items are confiscated. Picture taking in the Court House is not allowed and all cell phones must be turned off when entering a courtroom. Glass bottles (beverage, perfume, etc.) are not permitted in the Court House. Appropriate dress is required when entering the Court House, you may be asked to leave if you are wearing bathing suits or clothing that is too revealing. Work tools should not be brought to the Court House.

This Unit also provides protection and security to judges, jurors, witnesses, inmates and all persons having business before the Superior Courts. The Court Security Unit is also tasked with escorting inmates before the court and processing any new commits from the Superior Courts before they are transported to the Correctional Center.

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Revised on July 23, 2018

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