K-9 Facility

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<< The K-9 Facility construction was started in

late Nov, 2003

Construction took over 2 years. >>

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The facility was built to accommodate the officers with

<< offices, a training room and an area to clean up

after being out on a call.

It also accommodates 14 K-9s each with their own

kennel. A wash station and room for grooming and >>

medical inspection area.

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k9construction5.jpg (72309 bytes) << Now Complete, Officers and K-9s move in from

temporary quarters.

Final Touches have been made

and back in full service! >>

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<<  Kennel area of new facility

Grooming and Medical Inspection Station  >>

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<<  K-9 Wash station

Jed getting used to his new Home >> jedshome.jpg (132346 bytes)

Revised: 09/02/09