The Cape May County Sheriff's Office Park Unit  primarily consists of one Sergeant and two Sheriff's Officers along with Sheriff's Security Officers.   

The Sheriff's Park Unit patrols daily between the hours of 7am and Closing (varies during the seasons). The Park unit is responsible for public safety throughout the Cape May County Park and Zoo. Along with these functions, the Sheriff's Park Unit enforces all state, county, and municipal ordinances, including motor vehicle violations. Please see the partial list of rules for the Park and Zoo below.

Mounted Patrol

   The Patrol will initially be on duty Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the month of November. One additional part-time officer will be assigned to supplement Sheriff Officers and County Personnel already providing security to the facility.

   Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Beisel has been assigned to the Mounted Unit.  Working with horses for 15 years, Officer Beisel comes to the Sheriff’s Office with a tremendous amount of experience. He is a retired police captain who was the operations commander of the Ocean City Police Department. He also supervised the Detective Division and was the Officer in Charge of Internal Affairs. Chief Warrant Officer Beisel was a SWAT team member, and is currently a NJ Police Training Commission Firearms Instructor as well as a certified range master. He holds his bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

The Mounted Patrol's use will expand outside the Park and Zoo to include:

  • Special zoo, park and neighborhood events
  • Community special events
  • Concerts at the Park
  • Sporting events
  • Parades
  • Various police agency requests
  • National Night Out
  • Crowd control after bar closings for larger events when requested


Chief Warrant Officer Beisel and Dodge.

For additional information about the Mounted Unit contact Sheriff Gary Schaffer at 609-463-6430.

Bicycle Patrol

   All officers have received specialized training in Bicycle patrol at the Cape May County Police Academy. The utilization of the Sheriff's Office Park / Bicycle Unit in the County Park enhances the Sheriff's Officers ability to detect problems and emergencies. It also enables the Officers to be more accessible to visitors and employees, as compared to motor vehicle patrol. The Sheriff's Park / Bicycle Unit can also utilize a stealthy approach to offenders in a manner unexpected. The Park / Bicycle Unit can also access areas not open to motor vehicles.

   The Sheriff's Park / Bicycle Unit also provides demonstrations on their abilities, speak on bicycle safety and bicycle responsibility to many organizations and the general public. The Cape May County Sheriff's Bicycle patrol supports and enforces safe riding and the use of bicycle helmets on and off county property.

Remember: Children 15 years old and under must wear a bicycle helmet at all times when riding a bicycle.


Park and Zoo Rules

Please go to the County of Cape May Website to see more information about the Park and Zoo.

1.) Speed limit throughout ALL County Parks is 9 1/2 MPH.

2.) Alcohol is strictly PROHIBITED at all Cape May County Park Facilities.

3.) NEVER leave personal belongings unattended and be sure to lock your vehicle.

4.) No PETS are allowed in Park.

5.) Children may not climb on exhibits, fences, railings or gardens.

6.) All BUSES must use Rt. 9 entrance to the County Park and Zoo. STOP at the information booth for specific PARKING INSTRUCTIONS.

7.) Children visiting the County Park and Zoo on field trips must be with their chaperones at all times. Please encourage your children to stay with their group leader. Supervision MUST be provided to insure proper use of the playground equipment. 

8.) Food, chewing gum or snacks are NOT PERMITTED in the zoo. Leave food items in your vehicle or in your assigned shelter area. 

9.) Recreational equipment (I.E. Baseballs, Jump Ropes, Skateboards) of any kind is strictly PROHIBITED inside the zoo.

Revised: 06/17/2015