Tip411 - Anonymous tips via web, e-mail or text

The Cape May County Sheriff’s Office is the first in New Jersey to use anonymous two way texting of tips. Tip411 (847411) has been implemented by the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office as a tool to allow anyone to provide information anonymously to the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office via website, Phone App, text message and Facebook. This kind of “on demand” capability enables the public to provide information while maintaining total anonymity.

A third party company called Citizen Observer removes your phone number or your computer's ID number, then it is encrypted and replaces it with an ID number then sends it to our Sheriff Office. Even through court orders we will not be able to obtain the identity of the tipster because it does not exist. You should receive a response within 24 hours after your tip was recieved. (Please DO NOT use this system to report Emergencies. If you have an EMERGENCY, call 911.)



To download the APP, go to the APP store on your cell phone, type in CMCSO Tips, select the APP and install it on your phone. You can then immediately begin to send anonymous tips. There is no cost for this APP, installation or use.

Once you download the “APP”, you will only have to click on the APP, hit the “new tip” button, type your message and hit send. Your anonymous message will be immediately sent to the Sheriff’s Office.


  • On your Cell Phone, start a new text to:  847411 (TIP411).

  • In the message field, type "cmcso" without the quotation marks, then start typing your message. Try to provide as much information as you can. You will only need to type the "cmcso" in the very first message only.

  • Send it

  • You will receive an automatic response message advising that your message was received.

  • Within 24 hours you will receive a text back possibly asking for more information about what you reported or advising you what action we will be taking.

    You can just reply as if having a normal texting conversation with someone. You do not need to type the "cmcso" again.

  • After we stop texting, the link between us is still connected and confidential, so you may receive a response text from us at anytime with a question or other information. If you wish to terminate the link just text the word "stop" by itself in a message, send it, and we will no longer be able to contact you.


  • Go to the Cape May County Sheriff's Office website at www.cmcsheriff.net.

  • Go to the TIP411 page. This instruction page will display in the main window and the Tip Submission page will pop up in a new window. (You may need to change your browser settings to allow pop-ups if it does not work.) You can also go directly to www.citizenobserver.com/cov6/app/webTipForm.html?id=4072 to bring up our tip submission page only.

  • Enter a subject in the subject field and hit the "TAB" key or use your mouse to go to the details field. You can type anything in this field. If you want to add a photo, then go directly to the next step now. If you are not adding a photo, just click the submit button and skip the next step.

  • To upload a photo from your computer just click on the browse button and select the photo file from the directory you have the photo stored in. When you are done click the submit button to send.

  • When you have sent your tip, you will be directed to a new page that reads:

                 Your Tip has successfully been submitted

                 Your Id. for further tips is: ???##?.

  • IMPORTANT!!!! Copy your id code that is displayed and save it on paper. You will need to enter this code in the "Follow up Login ID" field to see any responses from us if you should log in at a later time. All responses will be displayed in the "History" block towards the bottom of the page.

  • Even after we stop texting each other the link between us is still connected and confidential, so you may receive a response text from us at anytime with a question or other information. If you wish to terminate the link between us just type the word "stop" by itself in the "details" field and the link will be disconnected and we will no longer be able to contact you.

You can now submit an anonymous tip through our Facebook page.

* As with any electronic and digital equipment, there is always the possibility of downtime for maintenance, failure or heavy volume of cellular data transmissions. Responses may be delayed due to any or all of these reasons which are out of our control. We respond as soon as we receive the message.

Revised on July 23, 2018

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